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The Angelic

Address  57 Liverpool Road, Islington, N1 0RJ Tel. 020 7278 8433

The blurb  There’s something rather inviting about the exterior of The Angelic and the sense is maintained as you walk through its doors: a book-case, open fire, large sofas. It all looks very welcoming, comfortable. A place you can feel at home. Sadly it is in the aesthetics that the comfort factor ends. The bar has 4 cask ales on tap, none particularly unusual, all kept very badly. I have lost count of the number of drinks I have sent back – quite a feet when you consider I’ve only visited 3 times (the latter two not out of choice). The pub’s website declares that “nothing is too much trouble” although clearly that philosophy doesn’t extend to getting a refund on a disgraceful pint….Food fares little better. The pub has an extensive Tapas menu, very little of which is Spanish and even less that is edible.  It’s location, a stone’s throw from Angel Tube (and I pray it is merely down to location. I’m not sure I want to live in a world where the majority of people visit because they think that this is a good pub) means that it becomes inhumanly busy almost every night of the week. The large windows and high ceiling turn the place into a cacophony of scraping chairs, clattering plates and crashing glasses and unless you arrive before 4pm there is never a free seat on which to sit. There are 7 kegs, all doling out the usual suspects and a pint will set you back £3.50 at best. All in all it’s not a good pub. Service is rushed, inattentive and dismissive, no doubt a result of the levels of business, something which is certainly not justified by the experience. Angelic in name only this is one to give a wide berth; If only to mark yourself out as an individual .

 The Scores: Beer: 1.5, Food: 1.5, Ambience: 2, Accessibility: 3.5, Value: 1

 Total: 9.5/25 Pints


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